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DOA Policy: Replacement, excluding shipping cost from Indonesia ~ Buyer pay shipping cost for new replacement. Or refund money fish, excluding shipping cost & fee<||>Shipping fee $7/fish Contact :

Selling and shipping Betta Beauties.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Halfmoon Plakat* Bicolor Male #2088

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This Fancy Bicolor Blue and Red HMPK is 2 month old. Very nice, healthy and active. I member of Indo Betta Splendens Club or InBS. For US bidder, we will ship the fish to our trans-shipper in your country, who will clear customs and quarantine. DOA requires picture of fish in its bag for proof. Replacement will be granted for fish only. SHIPPING COST: Buyer pays overseas shipping costs of $7.00 per fish.

*LInda Olson ( 

*Julie Tran ( 2 fish minimum 

*Jenniffer L Viveiros  2 fish minimum


*Canada : Hung Pham ,

*United Kingdom : Dani Pegley 2 fish minimum

*GERMANY : Jan Sabbman (

*Australia: JODI LEA (

Payment : paypal( please add 4% for paypal fee), or Western Union.

Price : $23.00